art direction of MOOGFEST 2011

Art Installation, Experiential Design, Tour Design / Live Show Production, Performance Art / CostumingSpecialty Signage

Fre3fall was enlisted to create magic throughout the festival grounds of Moogfest.  Calling in BuffaloDeejay, we were able to collaborate to design 3D Projection Mapped TVs that doubled as shadowboxes, bring in massive spheres to animate above the crowd, and develop custom video content for the festival.  Fre3fall created a rotating tunnel experience "The Clusterflux", installed a 200' long brightly colored entrance, collaborated with Sebastian Wahl on an incredible Bob Moog Mural, bring in amazing performances by Big Nazo, The Muppet Band, Austin Bike Zoo, professional aerialists, stiltwalkers, breakskaters, made 3D entrance signage, and designed costuming for our very own Roller Girl Crew and Space Cadets..